May started off very busy with a lot of commissions, I don’t even have time to paint for myself. This is a little “in progress” of last months sad girl with creepy poppies.


I also have restocked my Etsy shop with these sleeping beauties.


Seriously guys, I LOVE this paper so much! Look at that texture…


Bonus shot: my messy home officeIMG_20180508_101422


Commissions commissions

I’ve been working on some more portrait commissions. I get a lot of positive feedback, people are always so happy to see themselves and their loved ones drawn.

I’ve also tried my best to draw every day in my sketchbook. I haven’t done that in a very long time so I decided to pick up my sketchbook once again (I have 10 sketchbooks I’ve started…) and draw, draw, draw… 
There’s been a (big) Etsy shop update with lot’s of new cat brooches and some new flower girl prints
Here I’m preparing some orders, these fawn prints are going to their new homes.

Experimenting more and more with pencils, I’ve treated myself to some Faber Castell – Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils which are very very nice! Still not very comfortable with it, I want to learn how to work with watercolors and pencils loosely and not too “stiff”. I feel like I always try to make it perfect and always very carefully add details.. But I want the opposite, the mess, the chaos, scratchy lines…

Busy weekend

It’s been a very busy weekend filled with gardening and portrait commissions. I didn’t have the time to paint for myself.

I also have been working on some portrait commissions of some very adorable couples.
I am still taking commissions for these portraits so if you want one for yourself, you can place an order here:
Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 22.05.11Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 18.50.35Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 16.59.32

Annnnnd some hand made brooches for my Etsy shop.


Some of which are already available in my Etsy shop like these ones:

Most of these brooches are made from polymer clay and are painted with acrylic paint. Some are made with shrink plastic. I think I have a preference for polymer clay but the shrink plastic is actually so fun to see shrink and harden in the oven.

Keep your eye on this blog, I will post a shop update soon!


I keep telling myself that I should update this blog more often.. but yeah, procrastinator to the bone. I’m sorry guys! But it’s finally spring and I feel a little bit more motivated.

Since my last update I’ve been more and more into watercolors. It’s been a very long time since I painted with watercolors (about 2 years?) and it was very nice to rediscover this medium.
I’ve been painting mostly portraits of sad girls with flowers.

flowergirl3 copy

If you’d like you can follow me on instagram where I post a lot of “in progress” pictures of these.

I’ve also opened a second Etsy shop where I take custom portrait commissions.
Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 12.20.10

That’s not a real job!



I found it somewhere on instagram and I can confirm. I don’t want to complain, but my job is hard. I am one of the lucky ones that made of her passion a “full time job” but sometimes I question my choice… It is true that freelancers have a lot of things to think about and is sad that a lot of people don’t understand how much time and effort goes into everything. Taking pictures of your prints, doing accounting, promoting yourself,.. all those hours of hard work are not “paid” by anyone (it is normal, but I hope you see my point) meanwhile a real photographer earns money by taking pictures of products, an accountant is paid hourly for doing accounting stuff (yeah.). But at least I don’t have to pay anyone to do those things for me.. Well that’s the bright side I guess.  Every hour spent on necessary administration, promotion, etc, is an hour lost of my creative time. Me time. Time that I’d love to have to develop myself creatively. But of course after all those hours spent working (for free) you still have some motivation and inspiration left for yourself (sarcasm).
Sometimes I wish I made a different choice, but sometimes, in very little cases, my work is so so so rewarding! Hearing about how people love what they see, having good feedback and reading how people totally get my (personal) work totally makes my day. It gives a huge motivational boost. That’s exactly what keeps me going. The thing that prevents me from giving up on what I love to do. Then, there are days where I really have to drag my ass to my drawing desk, cry a little (yes I’m a little crybaby), and try to be productive even though those brush strokes come out a little bit sloppy with no enthusiasm at all.

Past week has been one of those weeks… But I’ve done my best. Sadly, the week is still not over, I’m quite behind on my schedule but I decided not to rush and just take my time, take a  break when I feel not motivated or uninspired. I don’t want this (work for my client) become a real dread again.

I’ve been working on a new story, called “Goodnight Dragon”. Here are some images.

This is a typical day at work: annoying co-worker prevents me from sitting comfortably.

I have finished that one commission.. that I really like myself. It will be hard to say goodbye to it.

Acrylics on canvas. Sizes: 10 x 10 cm – 15 x 18 cm – 15 x 15 cm

Photographing art prints for my Etsy shop:
Being creative with a cardboard box. Sometimes I do enjoy doing this, sometimes it’s a pain in the butt to get a good shot.

And to end this miserable post (sorry!) I was a bit inspired this week to make some personal work, which doesn’t happen very often these days.
These are a part of a series that I called “Ghost World” some time ago.. the name stuck with me.

Well, there it is. I’ll stop right here for today.
Even though pretty much no one is reading this:
Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my crazy (yeah right) freelancing world.

Yours truly,
White Tail.